Pat Divilly on enjoying the Journey, Mini Wins & Prioritising Yourself

I was delighted to welcome bestselling author, speaker, and wellness coach Pat Divilly on to the Mastering Your Wellness Podcast this week.

Pat was absolutely everything I thought he would be and I thoroughly enjoyed the conversation.

We packed so much into our 35-minute conversation and covered everything from what success looks like, to why enjoying the journey is important, and how concentrating on 3 mini wins every day will help you achieve your top line goals.


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If you’re tight on time I’ve put together the main learning points from our conversation below. Hope you enjoy!


Jayann: How did you deal with negativity from others, who maybe didn’t understand your desire to build your own business and what was your breakthrough moment?

Pat: When I came back to Galway I moved back in with my parents and started working in a pizza shop.

I had some what given up on the fitness thing and decided I was going to study physiotherapy.

It was some what close to fitness but it was something my parents supported because it was a real job so I was saving to go back to college at that time and that was my light at the end of the tunnel. 

Unfortunately then I found out that the course had been deferred for a year because of funding and at that point I said I’m going to make this happen (fitness business) and I decided to set up on the local beach.

 I had nothing and nothing to lose so the only way was up.

If I started thinking about writing books, making speeches  or having 100’s of clients at that stage I never would have gotten my feet off the ground and that for a large part was the problem when I lived in Dublin. 

I set the bar too high and I wasn’t enjoying the journey or the process and when I started again those first 5 clients were magic.

I found a way to work with what I had and enjoy the process.

I learned that If you spend your life living in the future you’ll never get anywhere of significance because life is all about the journey.


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Jayann: We’re living in a time where we want instant gratification – we don’t want to wait around for the things we want, preferring to have them now. What are your tips for learning to enjoy the journey?

Pat: The big game changer for me was to focus on 3 ‘mini’ wins every day.

Every day I would ask myself what three things can I do today to grow my business or work on myself.

Confidence comes from the journey instead of the destination and focusing on your progress. Comparing yourself to others is the disease of our generation that genuinely robs our happiness.

Instead of comparing our progress with others my advice is to .

If you’re to compare yourself to other people that you’re always going. in anything you’re always going to feel like a failure.

My ethos is if im better than I was yesterday  im doing ok and I keep going ill get to where I want to be .

If I compare myself to other people Im never gonna get there. Thats why im so big on goal setting and focus on getting a step closer everyday. Thats progress. 

Its also important not to defer your your happiness, when I lose weight I will be happy, when I achieve this I’ll be happy its about intentionally noticing your progress everyday because confidence comes from the journey not the destination. 


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Jayann: How can you find or identify your path in life? 

Pat: You gotta disconnect. We spend our lives looking at other people lives and the idea with meditation is connecting with yourself for validation for acceptance to know that were doing the right thing. 

Switch off the laptop, switch off the phone Ask yourself questions instead of inheriting your success for someone else. 

Check inward and connect with yourself.

We don’t prioritise ourselves and look on the outside for validation. Get a pen and paper and start writing down what you wanna do in life, where do you wanna be in 12 months, who do you admire and ask yourself why, why am I doing this. 


Pat Divilly Quote Mastering Your Wellness Podcast


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