10,000. The Magic Number.

10,000. That was the magic number. To reach 10,000 downloads of the Mastering Your Wellness Podcast.

A goal I set for myself over 2 months ago that’s ticked off the list.

Thank you to every single person who downloaded, messaged, shared and listened – it means the absolute world.

To my guests who have made the past few weeks so interesting – thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Reaching that goal was a LOT of hard work.

Over the past 2+ months I made a commitment to myself that I would work weekends, evenings and before my actual work day to achieve the goal of producing a weekly podcast and it’s been so worth it! 

Listen to my episode with Pat Divilly here on the importance of mini wins when goal setting

The feedback from people has been truly amazing and you may not know it but it was all of you who kept me going even when the workload was really intense.

I committed to delivering every Monday because I didn’t want to let my new little community down so thank you for holding me accountable and for giving me that boost I needed when the going got tough!

Speaking of the power of goal setting, in this week’s episode I spoke to the fab Productivity & Leadership Coach Ciara Conlon who talks all things productivity, goal setting and why forming new habits is the secret to achieving your goal!

You can listen here.


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