[Ep.60] Tips on how to become a morning person and start winning your day

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Is it possible to become a morning person even if you’re a night owl?

Why do so many of us go to bed at night with the best intentions of getting up early only to hit the snooze button over and over again?

Is this you? I was always a morning person but since lockdown the snooze button has become my friend.

In this week’s episode I speak to fellow coach Ciara Conlon about how getting up early has transformed her life, her early risers Facebook accountability group, and tips and tricks on how you can do it too. 

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Podcast Show Notes

[1.51] Podcast Intro

[3.00] What is a show and where to find

[4.00] Subscription details 

[5.51] Details on my Power Hour Coaching Session

[9.00] The Power of an Early Morning

[9.44] Finding your why and the benefits of an early morning

[13.00] How can we make getting up easier

[14.47] Planning the night before

[17.00] How starting with gratitude can help

[19.01] The power of accountability when starting a new habit

[21.26] Why starting habits one at a time is best

[24.47] How long it actually takes to form a habit

[25.44] Keystone habits

[28.01] Ciara’s personal experience with becoming an early riser

[32.15] Quote of the episode

[33.48] The 7 day early riser accountability group


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