[Ep.61] Why focusing on your future self will help you achieve your goals

Why focusing on your future self can help you win today.

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With new Covid-19 restrictions announced this week (October 5th) It’s very easy to feel overwhelmed and uncertain right now about your future.

Covid has certainly put the kibosh on so many things in our lives, but it doesn’t have to impact our goals, dreams and ambitions. 

Ive been doing a lot of research lately about the future self- probably following on from my interview with Dr. Benjamin Hardy ( link to that episode below) which is why I’ve focused this weeks episode on just that- focusing on the future self to help move goals forward today.

In this weeks episode I talk about your future self and asking yourself who you want to be in 5 years time.


Some of the points I cover are:

– Building your belief muscle

– The power of visualising your future self

– How your future self can help with decision making today

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Podcast Show Notes

[1.20] Podcast Intro

[3.00] What is a show and where to find

[2.19] Update on the podcast

[3.00] Podcast subscription details and reviews

[4.34] Power Hours and working with me

[6.38] Why its really important to focus on where you’re going

[7.00] Benjamin Hardy and the future self

[07.42] Discussing what your future self would do in a certain situation

[08.28] What would you do differently to impact your future self

[09.11] What are you going to do to give yourself the best shot at achieving what you want to achieve

[10.15] Focusing on what future you would do in order to achieve your goals

[13.00] Trisha Lewis and her story

[14.44] Why belief in yourself is half the battle

[16.01] Building that belief muscle

[17.15] Gerry Duffy Sticker Technique to believe in yourself

[18.40] Write your own future self biography

[21.00] Reverse Engineering your goals

[22.20] Accountability and having someone in your corner

[23.30]Episode Recap


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