[Ep.62] What we can do right now to feel happier

Feeling fed up? Overwhelmed or frustrated? How to feel happier now with Bibi Baskin

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I’m beyond happy to bring you this week’s episode of the show and share the microphone with the wonderful Bibi Baskin – an renowned expert in the health and wellness sector. 

Bibi is a former RTE and BBC presenter and is known as the first Irish woman to have her own T.V talk show in Ireland. She left the glamour of the media behind her to follow her lifelong passion for Ayurveda, an Indian system of mind/body health and went on to become a hotelier in India. 


In this week’s episode we speak all about her life and learnings along the way!


Some of the points in today’s episode

–  The importance of Gratitude & Acceptance

–  Never putting your work before your life

–  Why doing nothing is really good for your mind

{Click on the player above to listen to this episode on your desktop. Scroll below to the bottom of the post for the show notes which include all the links mentioned in the episode}

Podcast Show Notes

[1.20] Podcast Intro

[3.19] Update on the podcast

[3.57] Stop Caring about what other people think (free PDF)

[5.35] What we can do right now to feel happier

[6.34] Acceptance mode and how it can help

[9.23] The Practice of Gratitude and feeling thankful for  the good things in life

[10.42] The number 1 thing to feel grateful for

[13.07] Our busy approach to life

[13.36] Bibi’s morning routine

[18.15] Getting rid of the busyness badge of honour

[21.40] Taking time to do nothing every day

[25.50] Bibi’s book – Wellness Wisdom

[27.01]Choosing the cheery soundtrack or the misery soundtrack

[30.01] How to stop caring about what other people think and stop fearing change

[32.00] Bibi’s own life experience in India

[34.50] Bibi’s biggest life lesson

[37.10] Bibi’s contact details 


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