[Ep.79] How to find your inner strength with Vicky Phelan

How to find your inner strength, new perspectives & what really happens when life knocks you down

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 I’m delighted to have none other than Vicky Phelan as my guest on the show this week who spoke to me all the way from Maryland where she is currently receiving treatment. 

Mother, Author, Women’s Health Advocate and Motivational Speaker,Vicky has captured the hearts of the nation with her determination to see real change for women’s health in Ireland. In this episode we spoke about inner strength, new perspectives on life and what really happens when life knocks you down.

Some of the points in today’s episode

–  Trusting Your Gut and Standing up for What you Believe in

–  Why we need to speak about tough things

–  When trauma happens why you’ve got one of two choices 

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Podcast Show Notes

[1.20] Podcast Intro

[3.19] Update on upcoming Overthinking Workshop

[5.26] Intro to Vicky and her story

[5.54] Vicky and the support from Ireland

[8.35] Not holding anything back and connecting with the public

[09.36] Not feeling ashamed about medical issues and mental health

[10.20] Why it helps to talk about mental health

[11.30] Where Vicky thinks her strength comes from

[12.00] The biggest trauma in Vicky’s life

[16.40] Vicky’s experience with depression and anti depressants

[21.10] Not going down the negativity rabbit hole

[23.30] How what you imagine is often far worse

[24.01] Doing the work so you don’t fall into a negativity cycle

[24.40] Vicky’s view on her impact in Ireland and the world

[30.30] Trusting your own instincts first

[36.10] Having no regrets and why facing a terminal illness is freeing


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