[Ep.80] Building Resilience & Overcoming Challenges with Sharon Fitzmaurice

Building Resilience & Overcoming Challenges with Wellness Coach and Therapist Sharon Fitzmaurice

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Building resilience has been a topic on almost everyone’s lips over the past 12 months. How can we do it? Is someone born resilient or is it something you can learn along the way.

My guest this week on the show is the wonderful Sharon Fitzmaurice, Wellness Coach, Author and Therapist. 

So, just how many challenges can you overcome in your life?

As human beings we will all face challenges in our lives to a varying degree which is why building our resilience and realising how strong we are will stand to us in the long run.

Sharon Fitzmaurice has overcome immense challenges from experiencing childhood sexual abuse to losing her precious baby daughter Annie.

At one point she contemplated taking her own life ,however, Sharon discovered & developed the tools she needed to help herself and others. 

In this episode we discussed:

  • The stories that define us in life

  • Why it’s important to think about all the things you’ve overcome (especially when it comes to building resilience)

  • Saying yes and figuring it out as you go

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Podcast Show Notes

[1.20] Podcast Intro

[2.50] Intro to Sharon and her story

[3.20] Recap on Overthinking Workshop

[4.49] The stories that define us in life

[6.43] The abuse Sharon suffered during childhood

[09.10] The masks we wear to protect ourselves

[11.43] An almost suicide attempt to numb the pain

[15.20] The lightbulb moment & healing process 

[16.00] ‘Just for today’ mantra

[16.38] Congratulating yourself for your successes

[19.41] How a personal loss almost brought Sharon back to her dark place

[23.51] Why it’s important to think about all the hard things you have come through

[26.30] How to handle self doubt and an inner critic

[27.00] Focusing on the importance of your ‘why’ 

[31.30] Saying yes and figuring it out

[35.40] Why it’s so important to try and why ‘you are the only one who can change your life’


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