Feeling Overwhelmed? 3 Things You Can Do Now



3 strategies that help if you’re feeling overwhelmed

Feeling overwhelmed is an incredibly debilitating state to find yourself in. I’ve experienced it first hand myself, as have a lot of my coaching clients.

In this weeks podcast episode I spoke about 3 techniques you can implement right now to help you to stop feeling feeling overwhelmed.

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What is Overwhelm?

A lot of people I work with who are suffering with overwhelm describe it as spinning lots of plates all at once and just waiting for one to drop.

That feeling of being overwhelmed can manifest itself internally and externally. You might be one of those people who when they are feeling overwhelmed at work, or at home or in their business who can get very irritated, snappy or frantic.

Then there are others who just shut down, procrastinate, block it out or pretend it’s not happening.

Neither of which is a good move.  A coaching client I worked with last week told me how she was literally paralysed by the feeling of overhwlem.

There was lots going on at home, her job was pilling on the pressure and she was in severe multitasking mode jumping from task to talk but never really feeling like she was getting anywhere. 

If this sounds familiar you need to listen to this weeks episode. I’ve outlined some of the key points below.

Key Takeaways from Episode 49

Multitasking does not work.

Switching from task to task is actually draining your energy. Try focusing and completing one thing at a. time before moving on.

If you’ve got lots of thoughts whirring around your head a ‘brain dump’ where you write everything down on paper can work wonders.

Change your narrative into something more positive.

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