Feeling Under Pressure?Why You Need To Do Something About It Now




Feeling under pressure?

Unless you’re a Zen like Master you’re bound to feel under pressure from time to time. But what happens if feeling under pressure from time to time turns into feeling under pressure most of the time?

What’s the impact on your overall health and wellbeing and how can you put a stop to it before the situation gets out of hand?

That’s what myself and my guest, Anne Marie Lowry aka the Inside Out Coach spoke about in this weeks episode

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Mastering your Wellness Podcast with Jayann Walsh and AnneMarie Lowry
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Throughout the episode we spoke about the pressure we put on ourselves in order to be ‘perfect’.

Not necessarily in a physical sense, but what we do to portray the image of being perfect.

During our conversation Anne Marie talks about how this type of thinking led her to experience burnout and incredible amount of stress and she talks about turning it all around through working on herself, her beliefs and disconnecting to reconnect

If you’re feeling under pressure right now, take a listen to this weeks episode to find out how both myself and Anne Marie cope during times of stress and extra pressure.



Key Takeaways from Podcast- Feeling Under Pressure

Burnout is a very REAL thing and if left untreated can lead to serious health implications. Want to know the signs? Listen to this previous episode of the Mastering Your Wellness Podcast with Burnout Coach Siobhan Murray

Don’t be afraid to ask for help or press pause when you need to

Nobody has their sh*t all together all the time! Don’t view yourself as a failure purely because not every aspect of your life is perfect

Trust your gut. It very rarely steers you wrong.

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