How to Change your Life with Brian Pennie Ep47

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Want to know how to change your life? Ask Brian Pennie.

From chronic heroin addict to university lecturer Brian Pennie is proof that you can change your life. In this week’s podcast episode Brian tells his story and explains how to change your life with simple mind hacks and strategies.

Brian first tried drugs when he was 14 years old. By his late teens he was addicted to heroin and living a double life. It was a way he said of dealing with his crippling anxiety.

Things got so bad that his family members unwittingly drove him to numerous drug deals. At that time his body was wasting away and he describes himself as a walking corpse.

It wasn’t until Brian was 35 years old that he decided something needed to change. He had only two choices – get better or give up.

Podcast Episode 47

In this podcast episode Brian shares his story and talks about how taking small steps daily can lead to huge changes in your life.

Now an author, motivational speaker and university lecturer Brian is proof that if you change your mind, you can absolutely change your life.

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Key Takeaways

Brian shared some fantastic tips and mind hacks on the show. Below are some of my favourite nuggets of wisdom:

1. Never negotiate with your mind

2. If you don’t ask the answer is always no

3. Consistency is key to making change

4. Change the story you tell yourself and create your new positive narrative

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