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Join Jayann Walsh and special guests for weekly chats and inspiring stories on success, achieving goals, mindset and motivation.
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About Mastering Your Wellness
The Mastering your Wellness Podcast is an Irish Podcast produced and presented by former radio  reporter Jayann Walsh. After being diagnosed with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) in March 2017 Jayann made the decision to truly re-evaluate her life focusing on improving her mental resilience and mindset in the face of uncertainty around her diagnosis.

Already a lover of podcasts Jayann decided she wanted to create her own Irish podcast featuring inspiring guests and industry experts from Ireland and beyond.  Jayann says “I was inspired by the quality of content I was consuming and implementing in my daily life and wanted to share what I had learned with others. This is where the idea for the ‘Mastering Your Wellness’ Podcast was born”

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About Me
Hi Guys,

Thank you for listening to The Mastering Your Wellness Podcast! We're now well on our way into Season 3 and I'm beyond thrilled with the response from our dedicated listeners.

I've been a lover of radio since I was a child, regularly creating my own radio shows in my bedroom with a cassette tape and using the aerial as my microphone. Back then I would tape songs on the radio and dub my own voice over them to create my own radio show. It was the BEST fun. Fast forward a few years later and I landed my first radio gig as a researcher/reporter for the hugely popular LMFM radio.  


Since then I've gone onto work in the Not For Profit Sector and in Learning and Development before qualifying in my dream job as an Executive and Leadership Coach.

In 2017 I was diagnosed with MS and it was a huge turning point in my life. I realised that tomorrow or the future was really not a guarantee and if I had something I really wanted to do then I should do it now! Producing and presenting an Irish podcast was something I had wanted to do for years and in 2018 the Mastering Your Wellness podcast was born.

Since then it has gone from strength to strength with thousands of people downloading the podcast every week. I've had some incredible guests feature on the show, there's been tons of learning but above all it's the connections I've made with people who listen to the show that I enjoy the most.

So if you're looking for an Irish podcast that focuses on supercharging your mindset, smashing your goals and changing the course of your life forever then The Mastering Your Wellness Podcast is for you!

Grab your headphones and prepare to get inspired!



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Podcast Guests
I am beyond thrilled to have had the opportunity to interview so many wonderful and inspirational thought leaders in the health and wellness field. I learned so much from each and every conversation and I hope you will too.

For business enquiries, interview suggestions or sponsorship opportunities please email jayann@masteringyourwellness.com

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