Podcast Coaching

Want to start or grow your own podcast? Have you recently started your own podcast but are wondering how to grow your audience numbers, produce content that your ideal target will love and deliver studio quality episodes?

If you’ve answered YES to any of the above, my podcast coaching programmes can help.

Over the past 6 months I’ve had so many people reach out asking questions about podcasting, how to start, what technology to use, how to book guests and how to deliver content that your audience will love.

With that in mind I’ve created a podcast coaching programme for all of the budding podcasters out there.

Whats Involved?

Podcast Coaching

99 Kickstarter Session*
  • Choose from either a one-off Podcaster Kickstarter session where you choose the topic you want to work on or sign up for the 6 week podcast coaching programme covering everything from getting started to launching your own podcast.
  • Choosing a name, creating artwork, setting up your podcast channel
  • Getting to grips with the tech
  • Best ways to market your podcast
  • How to nail your niche
  • How to book your guests
  • How to edit like a pro
  • How to grow your podcast