Podcast Episode 39. Why it’s Important to Stay Emotionally Well During COVID19


Podcast Episode 39:

Protecting Your State of Mind, Managing Your Mood and Focusing on Your Inner Game


Staying Emotionally Well

The latest episode of the Podcast is now Live and you can listen to it above or on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Stitcher.

It’s definitely been a strange week. Since I recorded this interview so much has happened and it’s only been two days.

The world definitely feels like a very different place than it did a week ago and not to be alarmist but the stakes are high.

Staying emotionally well is something we can all control to varying degrees and my conversation this week with my special guest Shane Cradock centred around this.

The fact of the matter is if everyone adheres to the measures put in place by the Government chances are life will return to normality within a few months.

We all definitely have some challenging times and uncertainty ahead.

The Podcast will Continue – Hurrah!

But with that being said I’ve decided to continue recording and releasing new episodes of the podcast because this podcast is all about your  mindset and the importance of your state of mind and I think now more than ever it’s important to look after it in the midst of all of this uncertainty.

Your Feelings are Directly Linked to Your Thoughts - Quote from Episode 39 Mastering Your Wellness Podcast

As I always say on the show, focus on what you can control. While we can’t control what’s happening outside we can control which thoughts we pay attention too as they in turn shape our feelings and mood.

Now that is not to say I haven’t gone through various stages of calm and panic this week. I have. But I’m really trying to create as healthy of an  environment inside my mind that I can.

I know all too well from years of being a top class catastophizer how it doesn’t really get you anywhere and only creates more panic.

So, although I know these times are challenging and scary lets try and keep level headed about it and pay attention to what we are supposed to do. In the words of  Teresa Manion ‘Don’t take unnecessary risks’

I’m also going to continue releasing episodes because lets face it lots of us over the next few weeks and months are going to need a distraction, some entertainment and hey even some learning!

Stayed tuned!

I hope you’ll tune in for some of the great guests I have lined up and hopefully the content will help you improve your state of mind and help you feel emotionally well esp if you’re feeling anxious right now

I’ll also be sharing lots of the content on social media so if you’re not following me on Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter or Facebook do find me and connect with me- Id love to keep in touch


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Back to today’s episode! I absolutely loved loved loved my chat with my guest Shane Cradock this week and I hope you do too!



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