The 5 types of Imposter Syndrome and How To Stop it Taking Over Your Life

Did you know there are 5 types Imposter Syndrome?

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Imposter syndrome – think you’re the only one who suffers with it? 

Sheryl Sandberg, Maya Angelou, Serena Williams, Arianna Huffington and Tina Fey have all publicly acknowledged their struggles with imposter syndrome. 

In this week’s episode I discuss the 5 different types of Imposter syndrome, how it’s more common that you think it is and the ABC method to overcoming it with my guest, Empowerment Coach Aoife O’Brien



Overcoming Imposter Syndrome Podcast
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Key Takeaways from Podcast- Feeling Under Pressure

Podcast Show Notes


What is imposter syndrome? How common is it? (8.15)

So many people fall victim to imposter syndrome. It’s not just you! (10.28)

How to acknowledge imposter syndrome for what it is (12.00)

‘Comparisionitis’ and the importance is finding a balance. (16.00)

Talking yourself out of things you want to do. (18.00)

The different types of imposter syndrome. Which one are you? The Perfectionist, The Superhero, The Soloist, The Natural Genius, The Expert. (21.00)

How to overcome imposter syndrome. The ABC approach (29.00)

Asking for feedback. Not relying on assumptions. (31.00)

The power of writing down your thoughts. (32.00)

Confidence at work and not shrinking in a board room situation. (34.00)

Fear of judgement, failure and success. (36.00)

Every opportunity is an opportunity to learn. (37.00)

Failure of success and stepping out of your comfort zone. (38.00)

The only person that is stopping you from living the life you want is you. (40.00)

Why it’s important to believe and you will achieve. (41.00)

Why you’ve got to become your own cheerleader. (43.00)

Details for Aoife O’Brien (44.00)

Happier at Work Podcast. (45.00)


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